Hello my name is Kenichi Uchikura, president of Uchikura & Co.


I was born in Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan. I graduated from the high-school in Japan and attended University in Calfornia.

Ater I graduated in 1983, I went back to Japan to work for a computer software company in Osaka, Japan.

I came to Seattle in 1985 to become the head of Japanese software company's subsiduary.

In 1987, teh comapny I worked for decided to pull the US operations.

I decided to stay in the US and started Pacific Siftware Publishing, Inc. (PSPinc) I was 27.


After over 30 years, I am still involved at lot with PSPinc especially in it R&D department.

But I see many oportunites pass when I see small companies not taking advantage of online sales.

I understand it is very difficult for small companies to do online sales, marketing and pomotion.

There is just not enough knowledge, time and resource expand including capital to online.


I see needs for small companies to sell online. What can I do to help small companies.

First, I should consult with small compaies.

Second, I need to provide online sales platform anyone can use.

Finally, I make them avaiabe for no csot to samll companies.


That is the mission of Uchiokura & Co. I am here to help small buinesses sell their products and services online.


Kenichi Uchikura


Uchikura & Co., LLC.