I am transitting at Incheon Kor...
I have 5 hours here. I need better connection. But I finally got to fly Airbus A350. Nice plane ... it is about the same size as Boeing 777. What I flew was 900 ... not the latest.
I am heading back today.
Mobile Mammogram Testing
In Japan, many large corporations hire mobile mammogram testing buses to provide free mammogram testing for their female employees. They also hire flue shots to be provided at their office. This way, ...
175g fillet
I took my parents to Ikinari Steak in Kobe. I had ribeye, my father had top ribeye and my mother had fillet ... All three cost about 7,500 yen in total... $60. Yiu buy meat by the gram ... Intersting ...
Not Ready for Smart Phones
2/3 of Internet Browning is done by mobile devices. So your website should be capable of adjusting the display on smaller display. I took a train from Tokyo to Osaka yesterday and I check the websites...
Statue of HACHIKO
This is one of the most popular places in Tokyo, Shibuya. YIOu know the story of HACHIKO ... Hollywood made a movie starring Richard Gere. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachi:_A_Dog%27s_Tale I am a ...
LINE ... Communication and Soci...
LINE is the most popular communication and SNS software in Japan. https://line.me/en-US/ There is an English version as well.
Two more nights in Tokyo
I have just two more nights in Tokyo. It is a beautiful night? I wonde hope many people would like to come to Japan with me if I setup a tour.
This is what I need in Seattle!
Scooter with roof and windshield wiper ... Why don’t we have this in Settle???
Market is Adopting
Jaoan is experiencing the surge of foreign visitors. Many stores are changing the signs to include other languages. I thought Japan was a very closed society but time has changed. This also brought th...