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I rather go fast with small nu...
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Two More Nights with Tiny an...
Mayumi will be coming back on Monday. So until then I have two more nights with Tiny and Pompom. They do not move very much, especially Tiny.
Sex Sells ...
I do not know if you sell anything ... but many people are attracted to opposite sex. Nowadays, most important thing in marketing (not Face to Face sales) is getting attention.
What do you think of this site?
Do you think this site has some purpose? I think I do and I use it everyday. http://www.postinheaven.com
What? No Pompom Sticker?
This is our staff's PC in Japan. Mayumi brought Tiny's sticker but did not bring Pompom's. What is with that?
ECO or Not So ECO
Just because you drive an electric car, it do not mean you are 100% environment friendly. Depending on how electricity is generated, your electric car may be powered by coal, hydro, wind, oil or nuclear.
A Day After Labor Day ... The...
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Message in Heaven
I made this site to leave message in Heaven. Everyone has someone in heaven you wish to leave message. - This site is free. - This site is completely secure. - This site will not store what you have w...
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