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HA-I-RYO Japanese word for ...
I do not like people who do not consider their action may effect others. Japanese word for the consideration is HA-I-RYO. Many things will go much smoother when people start to consider their actions....
Http:// This site has absolutely no practical purpose ... But it has a great value to me.
It is true no politicians in the ...
People I met here in Japan thinks President Trump is not smart, unpredictable dictator and raisist. That is exactly the time of messages major media outlets in the US are broadcasting. Japanese econom...
Power of SNS
I heard about this ramen shop in Tokyo on YouTube. I needed to try it. I got there right faster they opened (11:00am). I still had to wait about 10 minutes to get seated. By the time I was done, there...
Japanese Design
I do not know but this design caught my eyes. I like the dark blue background and white lettering resembling fish.
Arrived in Japan
After short 2.5 Hour flight from Taipei, I arrived in Japan. I am very tired, so I will rest today and Sunday.
Pro Business ... Anti Business
When you come to Taipei, it is clear that most POV people and government are pro-business. They welcome us with open arms. Just looking at my COMOUTEX PASS ... people know I am not from here. They smi...
UnderstandiNg the value
I had lunch ... bento box ... sold just outside of the convention center. The price was NT$65 ... That is about US$2.00 ... unbelievable, It cost 5 to 10 times as much when you eat inside at the resta...
First look at exhibits.
There are few locations that hosts COMPUTEX.
COMPUTEX 2018 ... It is one of the biggest IT/Computer technology shows in the world. It is taking place in the heart of Taiwan, Taipei. I went here last year and it was really overwhelming and could ...