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Welcome to Los Angeles
41 years ago, I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to go study at English school in Downtown. This is how my life in the US started. When I came here, I did not speak English. I still have h...
Purchase Testing
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Airport Lounge
I was able to use Alaska Lounge at LAX this morning because I have a Priority Pass. I got a Priority Pass by having premium credit card. I pay $450 per year but the perks I get worth every penny. Do y...
Business in LA
My mission is to expo and our sales activities with better products. Every time I come to LA, I am more motivated.
A Wonderful Person
I have met very successful business person in Torrance, California operating more than 10 restaurants. I really enjoy meeting people like that. Mr. Shigeta, President of SHINSENGUMI REstaurant Group.
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It's That Time?
Really? It is still September ...
Web Developers Wanted
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