Check out the deals at Kiroboto
Check out the today's deals at Kiroboto. http://www.kiroboto.com
Fidalgo Coffee Roasters
I met Fidalgo Coffee Roasters at Lenny Wilkens Golf Tournament today. If I can, I would very much like to help them get more exposures. I invited them to our golf tournament next year. They are very n...
BASTA ... Japanese Fashion
This lady started business to create a fashion for 暴走族 (Japanese Motorcycle Gangs). The brand name is called "BASTA" ... Short for Bastard. They are all hand made ... Interesting success story....
Which would you choose? at C...
(1) Microsoft Surface Pro Bundle with Pro Type Cover (2) Apple iPad Pro 9.7" with Pencil and Keyboard They are priced like. Which would you choose?
Pompom and Tiny Stickers
Now I have stickers for Pompom and Tiny.
Our Design
We have received stickers of Tiny today. Now we have Pompom and Tiny. It was designed by our in-house designer. She is so talented.
Do you know?
How much of your clients' business should be generated as a result of the website, blog and social media?
Credit Card Processing Difficult...
I am experiencing the difficulty getting the credit company to underwrite Kiroboto ... It is no different from any other EC site selling products on behalf of the manufacturers. I will keep researchin...
Please tell me what you think?
Please take moment to let me know what you think of this site. Does it have any value to you? https://postinheaven.com
This is funny ... sort of
I found this video.