Do you own a small business?
It is not easy or inexpensive to setup online shopping site to sell your products. We are building kiroboto to (1) Promote Your Sale ... No cost. (2) Online credit card transaction ... small % of your...
Would you buy MSG???
Ajinomoto Umami Seasoning 16-oz. Bag for $3 + free shipping w/ Prime https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00886HO02?tag=dealnewscom&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER It is interesting ... You call it Umami Seasoning to promote y...
Does US Tariff Effect AliExpres...
In theory, all good that are imposed from China are subject to new US Tariffs. But in reality, this tariff may not be collectable. Here are the reason why; US customs don’t have the resources to add i...
Good Friend Ezell's
I really like big crispy outside, juicy inside fried chickens from Ezell's. I am still in touch with the owner and looking for an opportunities to take them to Japan.
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Checks and Balances
I am always in a hurry. If I cannot not have it now, I do not want it. I always need to check the progress ... I always ask for checks and balances ... If I don't get that, I will shut it down.
Credit Card Processing
As a next step to Kiroboto development, we need to be able to process credit cards. By the recommendation of PSPinc, I have apply for Braintree Payment ... Let's see how it goes. https://www.braintree...
It is my design.
I made this site to leave message to people in heaven. Lately, I am communicating with Pompom. There are few other people using this site ... I have no idea who they are and what messages they are lea...
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I am with Pompom everywhere.
I made Pompom stickers ... Now I am making Tiny stickers. Dogs live too short.