Not Secure
If you see the sign like this on your website, that means your website is not communicating using secure socket layer or SSL for short. What is that mean? (1) The user is receiving and sending unencry...
My Design
If you let your customers design ... what is the point of employing smart people. Customers should tell you what they want to accomplish, you figure out how you get there.
Do you know what customers...
In many times, people start asking questions about "HOW" instead of clearly understanding "WHAT" customers want. It is not customers' responsibility to know HOW to get there ... That is your job. But ...
Japanese Invention
Interesting ...
Importance of Understanding
People try to understand how I want to get to my goal without understanding my goal. I want people to know my goal and figure out the way to get there. I don't care how I get there if I get there quic...
It complies like to come to Seat...
I believe many young engineers (college graduates) would like to work in the very socialistic environment. That matches west coasts of the Unite States. But the cost of living in the bay areas makes i...
That is one large cruse ship.
Did you know there are many Alaska Cruises origination from the port of Seattle in the summer?
Unless you are planning to go out of business in three years, you need to developing products you will be selling in three years.
Use Kiroboto to Promote Your ...
Kiroboto is free to register ann free to post to promote your sales. http://www.kiroboto.com
Free Gogh Digital Printing
You can download some of Gogh's art in high resolution format from Gogh Museum. https://kiroboto.com/Seattle_WA/Posts/view/Van_Gogh_High-Res_Digital_Prints_for_free/20180713/438