Do you know YETI ?
YETI is a cooler box manufacturer founded in 2006. But lately, it is considered the best cooler box in the market. It costs 3 to 5 time the regular cooler box but it is selling well. This company did ...
Uchikura Co Website Renewal
I am starting on renewing website for Uchikura & Co. New site is developed using PSPinc's Dreamersi web builder called Web de Xpress. It supports multilingual website. http://www.uchikura.co
Alway Look Ahead!!!
I have heard the term "If You're Not Growing You're Dying." ... That is true. But I will take it little farther by saying "If You're Not Growing, Kill It." There is no reason to waste your time, effor...
Amazon Prime Day Error
There must be a lot of people going to Amazon. I will wait little more to access it.
Amazon Prime Day
It is here ... I will teach and see if I find anything good. https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=13887280011&ref_=PD18_GW_ShopAll_Top_en If I find anything, I will post it on Kiroboto. http://www.ki...
This is non-USA...
Do you know what is the most popular vehicle in the world is Honda Super Cab. The Honda Super Cub alone has sold more than 87 million units since its production started in 1958. It looks like Super Ca...
Data Line Switch Completed!!!
We have replaced Internet data lines this morning making them much faster. Here is what we have announced. We are happy to announce that we have completed our work at the data center this Saturday. To...
Free Van Gogh Print by Van ...
Van Gogh museum made 150+ Van Gogh high resolution prints available free online. https://kiroboto.com/Seattle_WA/Posts/view/Van_Gogh_High-Res_Digital_Prints_for_free/20180713/438
Sign at Mariners Visitor Lock...
I am starting to work on making http://www.uchikura.co bilingual.
Made in Japan TED
It is inspiring.