Government Projects
Government Projects

Most government projects came out of the needs of people, but grown into a money pit. To govern that, we need to spend more money.

I can give you two projects.

Drug treatment ... Government offers nor charge to the people who need treatment but pays providers ample amount pf money. It sounds like a good idea, but for providers, when those people get well, they will loose revenue. So, it is in their interest to keep them coming back.

Infrastructure Improvement ... When you look at road constructions, they seem to never end. They actually don't end. People/Companies work on those jobs are paid so lang as they keep working. It is not inter interest to finish project.

I just mentioned two of the money pits that government are facing. Tax money must be used to do the job but the people who work on those project have no incentive to finish the jobs.

That is the difference between the government job and private sector jobs.