About Me

Hello my name is Kenichi (Ken) Uchikura. I was born in Japan and graduated from Ashiya High School in Hyogo, Japan before attending Azusa Pacific University in California for the Business Degree with emphasis on computer software design and programming. While I was in the college, I joined varsity football team and payed defensive tackle. I was the first Japanese student ever to play varsity football in the US. I also maintained better than 3.2 GPA throughout the college despite not understanding English at the beginning. I must give credit to professors, coaches and friends for this.


After graduating from college in 1983, I went back to Japan and joined Japan Computer Science Corporation in Osaka, Japan where I worked as an engineer for IBM mainframe network architecture. My clients were Mitsubishi Sintaku Bank, Shimizu Construction, Taipei Construction, Isuzu Automobile, Mitsui Zosen, Gakken and Recruit.


While I was working as a network engineer, I saw an emergence of PCs. I thought the days for mainframe computers were numbered and ask the company to start focusing on PCs and software. I was able to convince the company to open an office in the US to research and recruit PC software for sale in Japan. I was assign to open an office in Seattle/Bellevue in 1985 as a General Manager for this new venture at the age of 25. The company name was Sun Grade, Inc. and was my first business start-up.


This business venture did not go so well for many reasons. From the over expenditure to lack of management, in two years I was asked and put in charge of closing the operation. I learned a lot in this two years what I had done wrong. I let go of over 15 people and closed the operations without bankrupting it. I still believed in PC and PC software business so instead of going back to Japan, I resigned from the Japanese parent company and started Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. This was the summer of 1987. This time, I was starting alone so that I can manage the little money I had.


I started selling PC software to Japan from the US. We were lucky to find our partner Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) in Japan to be our sales arm. Our export business grew with TEC and within few years we became the number one exporter of US software to Japan. We were distributing our software to companies like SOFTBANK, Software Japan, Software International and Ado Electric. I started to hire people to keep up the demand from our customers in Japan.


Instead of just exporting English package software, we started licensing, translating and localizing software for the Japanese market. We also provided Japanese translation and localization service and training program in the US. We were working with companies like Micrografx, SYMANTEC, Novell and Microsoft.


By 1995, I was sure that the world will shift from packaged software to Internet base services. I started researching and in December of 1996, we launched our first web hosting service called MOSHIx2.net. This was many years before Web Hosting became a prevalent business market. Now, we host over 40,000 corporate domains out of which 88% comes from working with our partners and resellers. We value and are proud of the strong relationship and trust we've built with our resellers.


My business model has been and always will be, “We make money when our partners make money. Take care of our business relationships and that will take care off us.” I take this motto to heart and it's the core of Uchikura & Co.