Current Projects




Kiroboto is an experimental project designed by Uchikura and Co. and developed by Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. The site is design to be a place where businesses and people can list, promote and sell products and service for free.


It is now in the initial stage of development where you can list any products and services. You can also review other people’s listings and leave comments. There is no need for you to sell products using Kiroboto. You can simply post your products and direct them to your online store, Amazon, eBay or any site you wish. You also have an option use it like a personal sales site where you promote your product for sale locally.


It is free to register and free to post. Please visit to register and start posting.




Designed to be a community site for people interested in Japanese language and culture of Japan. The site was originally developed in 1996 and was one of the first websites developed by Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. At the time, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was developing and selling KanjiKit, the utility software enabling non-Japanese Windows machine to read and write Japanese.


In 2017, it was transferred to Uchikura & Co. to further develop the website, since Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was no longer dealing with Japanese language products. Our plan is to redesign and develop Japanese-Online to be more of a user-centric portal, where people interested in Japanese language and culture can interact. 


Post in Heaven


The idea behind this website is simple. If you could say just a few words to someone you love in Heaven, what would you say?

Your messages to your loved ones are between you and them. They will never be saved or stored by us, it won't be seen by anyone. We do not care who you are, where you come from, or what you believe in. Just write what you want and send.


This is an organic growth experiement of Uchikura & Co.


Click It Audio


Click It Audio is designed by Uchikura and Co. and developed and serviced by Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. under the domain. This service enables you to upload MP3 audio files to the Click It Audio server and manage them. You can access any of those files and create HTML codes which you can embed into your website.


Like a headset you borrow at museums, you can click on the button to listen to the contents of the the item instead of reading them. You spend all your effort in online advertisements and SEO but your website needs to be accessible and easy to use. Click It Audio makes your website more attractive and easier to understand.


Just click on the Click It Audio button to listen to the content instead of reading it.