Market is Adopting
Jaoan is experiencing the surge of foreign visitors. Many stores are changing the signs to include other languages. I thought Japan was a very closed society but time has changed. This also brought th...
Golf in Japan
I played in the corporate golf tournament yesterday at the club which held the JLPGA tournament. The green was running at 10.5 ... For me it is normal at Aldarra. It was fun playing there. I shout 88....
I walk a lot in Japan
I was not sure if I can get enough excersise in Japan since I cannot swim in the morning. Instead of swimming, this is my third day in Japan. Out of three days, I walked more than 14,000 steps twice.
This sink has everything!
Water Soap Dryer All in one sink. This is great.
Japanese Retro Train
Tokyo Ginza Line is the oldest subway line in Tokyo. They created retro look interior for 12 cars out of 140 cars. I was lucky enough to be on it today.
It looked like I was going to fl...
For awhile the map was showing that I will be flying right over North Korea. That did not site good with me. But the route we took was flying over the north of North Korea and came back to Incheon Sou...
$89.99 at in-store pickup.
If someone tell you this is eith...
Have you ever wonder what is the difference between men's athletic shoes (running shoes) and woman's athletic shoes (running shoes)? Other than the side (men's size and woman's size) and possible colo...
A trip to Japan with me.
I have many people asking me to take them to Japan. I will seriously considering to put together a trip to Japan next year. If you are interested, please let m e know.
ARCO gasoline is one of the least expensive gas brands ... except Kirkland Gas at Costco. But I cannot always get to Costco. So I decided to fill up with ARCO but I know ARCO gas does not contain any ...