Omotenashi is a Japanese term used to describe a type of entertainment. It essentially means to please your guest. It is not something you need to work hard at, you can be trained to please your customers. Here are some things you can employ within your business.

* Smile at your customers
* Say “Arigato” or “Thank you”
* Call customers by their name
* Make eye contact
* Be honest
* Be sincere
* Answer questions by starting with “Yes” or “No”
* Start sentences with “Please …”
* Read between the lines
* Do not interrupt customers
* Do not talk too much
* Dress professionally

These will make your customers feel much more welcome and feel as if they are not being treated like “just another customer”. It is important for customers to feel that they are special. This is what Omotenashi is all about. It is also important that you do this from your heart.

I was on one of the airlines crossing the Pacific. When I asked for something from a cabin attendant, she smiled and communicated with me. Though when she turned around, I could tell she was not smiling any more – she was acting. Acting is fine, just do not let the customer know.



* 笑顔で応対する
* 「ありがとうございます。」 と言う
* お客様をお名前でお呼びする
* 目を見て対応する(見つめてはいけない)
* 正直に対応する
* 親身に対応する
* 「はい」 「いいえ」 を明確にする
* 「お願いします。」 の気持ちを持って対応する
* 空気を読む
* お客様の話の腰を折らない
* 話しすぎない
* 服装に気をつける




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