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After 30 years in business, I understands what frustrates most small business owners. People say small businesses are the cornerstones of the US economy. But in many cases, small business people are talking are companies with few hundred people with few million dollars in sales.


Those are not small businesses, are they?


Small business are the businesses with less than 10 or 20 people with revenue of less than a million dollars. The companies that do not have the resources to do key things including setting up and maintaining company websites, running a stable email system and selling products online. Even if you have just few dollars to spend, you have better things to spend on than marketing.


I know all that because I have been there. I started Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. in my apartment 30 years ago, grew it to what it is today and it's still expanding. My expertise, my passion, my joy -  is with growing small companies. Uchikura & Co. is here to help you grow your company without cutting in to your resources. Most of our services are free and only payable when you make money. This is the service I would give myself 30 years ago, it's what I wish I had. I'll always make myself available to talk to business owners about sales, marketing, billing, logistics and anything else that crosses your mind.


Please feel free to contact me. When you message me, you're messaging me. You won't be passed around to secretaries or get some auto reply. Explore our website to see what we offer. Uchikura & Co. is design to work with your small business to grow by selling your products online.


Kenichi (Ken) Uchikura




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