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If you say you know Pompom ....
Unlike some may say, nobody wants to be one of many. You want to be treated differently from others. Some people do it by purchasing expensive items ... sellers will treat you better than the others. ...
Fill in the blank!!!
There is an end to everything. Everything!!! So ______________________. Fill in the blank.
Local IT Support
Did you know PSPinc does provide IT support for your company in greater Seattle area? Unfortunately, we are not providing this service in San Diego and Los Angeles where we have offices.
Costco Golf Balls ... Available On...
Why would you buy a dozen Titleist Pro-V1 for $50+ when you can buy two dozen Kirkland Signature Golf Balls for $23.99 (plus $9.98 shipping). I am not the only one who think this is a great value. Bec...
Message to Pompom
I write a message to Pompom every morning. https://postinheaven.com This just makes me feel little better.
Pompom has been in the cente...
This is a picture of my office 7 years ago. It has not changed much.
I manage to buy 2 packs of 2 dozen COSTCO Kirkland Signature Goof Balls. I have never seen it at COSTCO stores. I manage to buy them online. After I bought it, it was gone again. So, instead of using ...
WeWork Office is being Build i...
Younger people are more practical than my generation. I always wanted to own things rather than borrow them. But younger generation wants to borrow thing only when they need them. Like office space, m...
Plenty of food for 9 people.
This was a great lunch choice for our lunch meeting. I really like Jimmy John's.
Is this simple enough?
When you want to know the truth, always ask in simple term. That is much better than long difficult-to-understand questions.