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Super light and cute.
We have just received the shipment of 500 wireless mouse in red and white from my Alibaba purchase. The manufacturer did a good job. We are just verifying the items now. http://www.dreamersi.com
IKEA is Booming At least today.
Saying "All Brick and Mortar Stores are Dead!!!" is very stupid. I went to IKEA today ... there were so many people (buying), I needed to wait about 5 minutes just get to the cashier. COSTO is also th...
Clear Bags
Dod you know when you go to a sports event or any public event, you are required to have clear bag. That is for security reason. In Japan, it is not implemented but with 2020 Olympics coming, I am sur...
Teaching Seniors How to Use ...
It is very popular for seniors to learn how to use computers and Internet to communicate with others. This is an image of one of those classes.
I used to love this club.
Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln It is wise to use the latest and greatest equipment to help you do your job better. I own a dr...
Promote your business with Ki...
You can promote your sale for FREE at Kiroboto. https://kiroboto.com/Seattle_WA/Posts/view/Tory_Burch_Sale/20180419/322
We allow people to promote their businesses and sales at Kiroboto for free. The next step in the development of Kiroboto is for businesses to sell product at Kiroboto. Kiroboto can provide the transac...
Stock Market
It went up again ... I have no Idea. I am happy that I am not doing this for living.
Stock Market
Unlike what I said last Friday, the market went up today. I have no idea how the market works.
Government Projects
Most government projects came out of the needs of people, but grown into a money pit. To govern that, we need to spend more money. I can give you two projects. Drug treatment ... Government offers nor...