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Click It Audio Press release was picked up by many media and social sites. Here are some of the examples. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/dont-read-listen-130000167.html https://www.marketwatch.com/sto...
KusaK Aust Glass Works
We had an Open House at KusaK Cut Glass Works. Check out the website and if you see something you like, let me know. We will source them for you from KusaK. http://www.kusak.com
No More Private Desk or Office
The trend now is to have no office nor assigned desk at your workplace. You show up with your Laptop PC and find the seat and start working. I like that idea.
Building a Webpage with PSPin...
Let us build a webpage for you. ken@uchikura.co
Do you know what company or store uses this coffee cup?
Great Deal on Men's Ecco Gol...
Use Kiroboto to promote your sale!!! https://kiroboto.com/Posts/view/229
Shops people line up to eat.
In Osaka, I saw many fast food stands people were lining up. That is amazing. They are not foreigners, they are Japanese people lining up. Do you think people would like Takoyaki?
Not in Japan ... not in the US e...
I saw a large advertisement for LEVI'S in Japan ... Look closely ... the wait is 32 and length 36 ... Who wears that size in Japan. Is this a joke or making fun of people?
Selling Products To and From...
For many Japanese companies, the US market is very far away. At the same time, for many US companies, Japanese market is not even in their mind. I think I can help both US and Japanese companies sell ...
This is not Starbucks.
When I was going to school, Ice Coffee in Japan was a popular drink. But for years, you cannot get Iced Coffee in the US. Only when the espresso drinks became popular Iced Coffee became a norm. Did yo...