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We have the original Kiosk version which are very popular. But for people who need more information gathering capabilities like; (1) Each server having the unique input (2) Apply evaluation on product...
It takes money and effort to create a branding. Branding is not a "nice design" ... just how many time you can make the logo appear in front of people.
Look What I purchased on eBay
Do you know what this is?
$6.99 Lunch
Do you thing $6.99 sandwich is expensive or cheap? At least it was at QFC (Supermarket) that I did not have to pay any tip.
Original; Design
We are designing a banner for an Opinion Stand. It will be used at the trade show later this year. We started off with the brochure like banner to the image banner.
Park Parking Permit
We are happy to be a part of developing the system in congestion with Republic Parking Northwest.
A Touch of Amazon
I went to Whole Foods this morning to see if I can get some breakfast. I ended up not buying anything. I think it was the first time to went to Whole Foods since it was purchased by Amazon. I see some...
Banner Design
We are on creating a banner for the trade show ... We will be displaying the Opinion Stand at the show.
We just released new billing a...
We just release ... new billing and payment system.
As of July 1, I am back as a president of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. I am back to take care of few things. I am not here to be popular ... I am here to make this company bigger and stronger.