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Handmade Wooden Coster as ...
What do you think of handmade wooden cioster with your company name or logo. Would it make a good novelty gift? Please let me know what you think?
What can you sell to Japan? What can we buy from Japan?
Product for US from Japan. We sold Nisimoku Wood Products at Japan Fair last year. We may do so this year again. Http://www.nisimoku.co.jp Http://www.japanfairus.org
What can you learn from this p...
I arrive at Osaka from Tokyo using Shinkansen, the bullet train. People are transferring from Shinkansen to local train. They are taking escalator drown at Shin Osaka station. Tjhios picture is intere...
Rare Sight
You don’t see many trash bins in Japan. Despite that, streets are clean....
Harley-Davidson V-ROD Devel...
It is funny when it comes to buying. People want to own something that is unique to yourself. Like this Harley ... When it was in orioduction until 2017, people did not buy them ... but when the produ...
Otsuka Solution Fair
This is one of the main reason why I am here in Japan. Ortsuka Corporation is our business partner in Japan selling out Domain, Web Mandi Email solution in Japan called Alpha-Mail. If you have a need ...
Good Morning Tokyo
I woke up early ,,, Having a cup of coffee and ready for work. It’s a beautiful day ion Tokyo....
I am in Tokyo ... Going to Bed...
I arrive in Tiokyo and checked into the hotel. I will go to bed early tonight.
When you see this post ... I am on a plane to Narita. I will post something when I get there.