An Intern From Japan
We have an intern from Japan for about one months. He is learning about how people work in the USA.
Something You Cannot Buy
This is an interesting list. I dop not agree with all of them but it is a great list.
Opinion Stand Papyrus Version
Instead of having the kiosk and stand, we have developed the version that allow you to display QR code and have users scan it to evaluate. Please scan the QR Code above and see the Opinion Stand in ac...
Domain | Web | Email
Is all web hosting company the same? What they provide are very similar. When everything works there is not much difference. But when something stop working, do you know your provider break you like t...
High Traffic
We are experiencing higher than normal Internet traffic due to the ending of Summer Vacations called Obon. There is not delay or problem associated with the high volume.
Fitbit This Morning
What is 911? Emergency Number? September 11 Terrorist Attack? My daughter's birthday I do not what it is but I see 911 around me a lot.
Sales is a communication bridge.
Many people think sales is a one way communication. For those, the purpose of the sales is to sell something you have. That is wrong. The purpose of sales is to understand and possibly provide the thi...
Cobra Connect ... What is it?
I bought a Cobra F9 Driver and the grip has little device at the end called Cobra Connect. I checked what is was ... This device can measure the speed and the distance of your drive ... I thought it w...
I miss my Pompom
I still feel like Pompom is with me. I miss him a lot. I wish I could get him back. People ask me when I wil get another dog. I do not want another dog, I want Pompom.
Can you spot Marlboro Ad?
I thought a tobacco advertisement were banned ... I guessed wrong.