Yuki Chan By Yuki Chan
Newest dog character ... "Yuki Chan"
Found a great place for a lun...
This place is nice. I will take my staff there someday.
Seattle Traffic.
Right after 9:00am, it took almost one hour to travel 15 miles from Seatac Airpot to my office. Traffic is bad and light rail is not going t provide relief. It is good alternative, but it will not rep...
PSPinc R&D
I am letting younger / smarter people take over R&D. I am confident they can do things better and faster. I love this team.
Sunday Brunch
I had my brunch at Bellevue Hilton this morning. Relaxing Sunday. I am at office getting ready for a new week. I have added "Die Neue Seite" at the bottom of my email signature. I will explain what it...
Lil Jon ... Good Breakfast
I had breakfast at Lil Jon ... I really like this place. This is a super popular in the weekend.
COSTCO has a box of 18 for l...
Sometime ... only some time ... I like to enjoy eating southing like this. Specially when I am tired.
What a classic.
Do you know what this car is??? This car is huge.
Morning Meeting
Communication is always an issue when you try to manage multiple departments.
We are exhibition our Opinion Stand at the tare show in Los Angeles next month. We just too delivery of the new banner. I really like the design. Good work!!! Opinion Stand at Google Search