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MLK Jr Day Tomorrow
Martin Luther King Jr. ... Born in January 15, 1929
Designing Smartphone APP
I was asked to design the smartphone app ... It is very interesting.
Your private message board i...
What would you post if there is a message board in heaven? https://postinheaven.com
I think this product will sell in ...
You can buy this product for about $78 in Japan. People are selling it in the US for about $120. Otohime is a device that generates water running sound at the toilet while you are ... DOING IT. I thin...
Cannot Compete with Costco
Three Seattle-area Sam's Club stores are shutting down in a nationwide wave of closures. I am a Costco member since 1986. But I never thought of joining Sam's Club. I showed at Sam's Club once when th...
What's New for 2018?
It's the beginning of the year, and a great time to review how well you did in 2017. Have you sat down to develop your plans for 2018 and make a fresh start and achieve more this year.
Remote Working
According to studies, remote workers are more productive, have higher employee satisfaction and result in greater cost savings for businesses. DO YOU BUY THIS ARGUMENT?
This was it ... When I started ...
When I was programming, I had a computer and desk and the chair. I did not have a view ... Well, I did not have any window. But I did not care. When did it come to the point where programmers needed t...
Kiroboto Project Update
Here are sone of the deals I found and listed at Kiroboto. http://www.kiroboto.com Kiroboto is a free listing site design to allow businesses and individuals to list any products or services they want...
If you parked at purple parking...
If you do not know all the facts, it is almost impossible to evaluate all the choices in front of you. Take a look at B/W image ... you will never know which PARKING sign is the one you need to go to ...