Opinion Stand
Opinion Stand is like a thermometer for you business. It tell you if you have a fever or not. But you will not ask thermometer what is wrong with you when you have a fever. Do you need to know the tem...
Smartphone Holder for Bicycles
I just got those Smartphone Holder for Bicycles for evaluation. It is a part of Bicycle computer I got from Taiwan.
Golf Today
I played one of the worst gold in years today. I just found not hit anything. I did not know I was this bad.
Drawing at Starbuck
I had little time this morning ... so I went to Starbuck and ordered soy latte. With tax and tip, a tall soy latte (smaller then McDonald's Small Coffee) cost $5.00. I killed time drawing Pompom. I mi...
CRM / Free for Small Compan...
We know how hard it is to keep track of your customers for smaller companies. Unlike larger companies, you do not have a budget for the service like CRM. So, we build the CRM and making it free for an...
No More Apple
Few months ago my Apple Watch broke ... I thought long and hard about buying new Apple Watch. Then, I have decided to go with something different and purchase Fitbit Versa. I used to own a Fitbit and ...
Current Marketing Trend
Regardless of the quality of product or service, one who shouts the most gets more attention. So, we shall shout!
Next Company Van
We have been using minivan for the longest time. We started with Chevrolet, Toyota and Honda. We have had back to back using Honda Odysseys totalling for 8 years now. It served very well with no troub...
When we present OpinionStand to business owners, they do often confuse customers' opinion with survey. Opinion stand is lear what customers are feeling about the experience by pressing one of the face...
Morning Swimmers
I went to a pool this morning about one hour earlier ... I saw so many people swimming ... I am impressed. I had to wait 30 minuets for the pool to clear.