Japan Fair 2019
There will be a Japan Fair this weekend at Meydenbauer Convention Center Bellevue Washington. Check out the Opinion Stands in action.
Photo Gallery
I would like to have Photo Gallery feature in Web de Press.
Clean your server?
Don't you have a server like this at your office? What does it do? Isn't it tome to update or even just clean? We can take a look and update or clean your server!!! Contact
Nice Product
Mayumi recommended this product so I ordered from Amazon. DECIBEL ELECTRONICS WIRELESS QI DUAL CHARGING FOLDABLE STAND & PAD Very nice!
Do nothing! That is hard!
The hardest thing for any manager to do is to keep quiet and let people do their job. That can only happen if there is a trust between the manager and employees.
Recycling Old Servers
We are recycling old electronics tomorrow morning.
Can you guess?
Which natives are those in the picture? Can you guess? - Samoa - Hawaii - New Zealand -
My Bag
I saw my bag being unloaded from the plain ...
Hotel Breakfast in Taipei
I just love the food selection at the hotel in Taipei. The hotel is called Fushin Hotel.
I saw this in th Taiwan and w...
GOGORO is an electric scooter with replaceable batteries. What a great idea. Why don't we have this in the US?