I spent just over $650 on Fac...
Search Engine Optimization is not a marketing. Only google can control how they rank the site unless they are being paid for. Instead of paying money to someone who know how to make your site rank hig...
Misconception about Blog
SEO specialties tell you that your blog should be at your site so that our site will be more active and you will be ranked higher. Blog is like a advertisement / billboard / banner ... Do you put thos...
Company Van
We placed company logo on the new company van. It is done by the Wide Format Company in Bellevue. Done professionally and best price around.
Dark in The Morning
I usually wake up at 6:00am and drive to the GYM for morning swim around 6:30am. It is still dark now at 6:30am. It used to be bright by 5:00am couple months ago.
Rain Rain Rain
It started rain in Seattle .... I guess the summer is almost over. When the weather is bad, I cannot ride my favorite car and scooter. I guess I have to work!!!
Our first Boost
We have run two advertisements (Facebook call them Boosts) on Facebook posts. Looking at the result, you can get as much as 300 times the reach compared to organic results. If your goal is t bring mor...
Ezell's flagship store in located right in front of Garfield High School in Seattle. I ma so happy to know Ezell's. We are going to have company lunch toward the end of this month featuring Ezell's Fa...
Rain ... Thunder Storm
It rained like cats and dogs last night.
New Rumba
It is an organic version of Rumba Vacuum Cleaner.
Where were you 18 years ago?
I was in Japan on my business trip. I got a message (phone call) from my office in the US. I watch the towers scrambling down on TV in Japan, Live. We support men and women in uniform. Thank you for y...