Tokyo Police and Japan Taxi ...
I am heading back to Seattle today. Before that I will have few more meetings.
Healthy Organic Buffet
This is a wonderful buffet restaurant ... Even then, it is very hard to reduce salt intake in Japan.
One Genius Works Here!!!
KUMA at Vega Systems in Japan is crazy smart ... I learn a lot from him. I thought my office was a mess but look at a genius’ office.
On my way to Nagoya
I will be meeting with one of the most experts in networking and Power over Ethernet. I spend few hours at his lab. In treating. I cannot wait to see the products.
Click It Audio
06-07-2019 People really like Click It Audio ... Especially listening to the audio using QR codes.
This is what I saw at COMPUT...
Http://www.opinionstand,com Do you care what customers are thinking about your establishment? Do you have a way to measure it? Companies care use OpinionStand.
Meeting in Osaka
I have met a representative from a very interesting company in Japan. They are looking too expand their business to the US. I think we can help.
One of the products I was inte...
Do you know what this is? This is non-invasive glucose meter. I do not have to poke my finger any more. They have already contacted me.
Seeing things as design objects.
In Asia, there are many interesting deigns.
Dolls / Unique
Japanese dolls. Humorous.