I really love to draw Pompom. I cannot take any more new picture of Pompom but I can draw him as many as I want. I cannot wait until I meet him again.
Domian / Web / Email Automated
We are working on rebuilding the website to let people buy and setup domain, web and email online. It will be available later tis month.
Free Hamburger at Chevrolet ...
I went north today. I happen to drop by a Chevrolet Dealer in Merysville. There was a car show going on and they were serving free hamburger and hotdog. I met a sales person I knew from other dealersh...
Opinion Stand Demo and Planning
We had new feature demo and plan meeting for future additions.
Opinion Stand Value
It is sometime very difficult to explain why you need to know what customers' are thinking.
It is not an arrow...
"Blame the Indian, not the arrow” “A bad workman blames his tools.” "It is not the clubs you hit, it is you." There seem s to be several version of same thing saying it is the people wha are to blame....
Shot over 100 again!!!
What is going on ??? I shot over 100 again today. Only good thing is that I walked over 11,000 steps even with the cart. That shows how not straight I was all day.
New Company Car
We have replaced Honda Odyssey and purchased something smaller. This car is a basic model but has wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, Ford Connect ... It seats 6 and is smaller than minivan.
Does getting what your customers are thinking important to you? Does clicking on just a face on the OpinionStand give you an enough feedback? Do you need to know why people are happy or unhappy? Knowi...
Almost 10,000 Steps
I played golf today ... although I took a cart, I still manage to put 9,000 steps. It is 4:34pm, bu the time today is over I hope to go over 10,000 steps.