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Bloguru ユーザー様 先...
先週のランキンギです。 皆様ご苦労さまです。...
We are converting images to text. 23 years ago when we started, there was no bilingual browsers. Now most browsers can display English and Japanese ... We are making the site more text base. http://ww...
New http://www.Japanese-Onli...
We started rebuilding using latest responsive technology.
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Web Hosting Environment
We will be hosting following 4 web environment at PSPinc web hosting servers. Linux Web Server supporting PHP5 Linux Web Server supporting PHP7 PSPinc CMS / Web de Xpress Server supporting PSP7 Word P...
Why Bloguru?
Bloguru is designed and developed and operated by PSPinc. It is the only FREE Blog site that HAS ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISEMENT. If you are looks for a free blog with no ad and with unlimited photos and ...
Someone I met in Japan Drew...
She is an art student at Japanese university. She is trying to be an illustrator. She is currently drawing only pens, bushes and inks. I am trying to teach her to be more digital.
I have a cold.
I am dealing with nasty cold last few days. That is the reason why my blog post is not so regular. I will get back to normal when I get over this cold.
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