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Stock Market
It went up again ... I have no Idea. I am happy that I am not doing this for living.
Stock Market
Unlike what I said last Friday, the market went up today. I have no idea how the market works.
Government Projects
Most government projects came out of the needs of people, but grown into a money pit. To govern that, we need to spend more money. I can give you two projects. Drug treatment ... Government offers nor...
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Message to Pompom
Pompom Is Back
I received the ash of Pompom after the private cremation. I am still very sad. Now he is back ... I really started to sink in the fact he is no longer with us. I wish they had little faster cremation ...
Stock Market
As I predicted, the market went down today. What is this mean? The market did not go down large enough to predict the large uprise. I think the market well go down first part of next week and then reb...
Mouse are shipped from China
We confirmed that the company mouse are being shipped out of China. We should bet them in two weeks ... maybe more.