Please feel free to use it. Ken...
I have attached 4032 × 3024 3.9MB Photo to this bloguru post. Can you tell me if any other Blog let you do this. It is a beautiful picture of Japanese maple leafs....
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I bought two thing on this list.
I bought two thing on this list ... such a great price.
Dr. marked the area that is r...
It has been like this for last 10 days. I was able to go swimming this morning. I thought it was a gout ... but doctors think it is an arthritis pain plus some infection. I am on antibiotic medication.
Opinion Stand is Now Being Ev...
Opinion Stand is Now Being Evaluated at Blue Ginger Korean BBQ in Bellevue.
We have just released following updates to Opinion Stand. - Email Feature toggling option - Japanese translation revisions - Landing page "Get Started" form revision - Bug Fix on super admin page when...
Products I am working on!!!
Here are some of he products I have been working on. Opinion Stand Click It Audio Feed Back System Pilot SBT / CRM HelpDesk System New Japanese Online (Under Construction) Post in Heaven Kiroboto Othe...
Hydrocodone ... I am on druc...
Older parts need more care which I am not very good at. My right foot is in pain.