Bellevue Economy and Housing
Let year the townhouses you see in this picture came one the market. It was being build during the housing boom and the starting price of those townhouses are over $700,000. I was wondering who was go...
Galaxy S8
My next project require Android smartphone. So I purchased unliked (refurbished) Galaxy S8 on eBay for $200. It is a great deal. I will let you know what I am using this android smartphone for, Galaxy...
Nice Deals
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NFC Tags
I wanted to test NFC Tags (RFID Tags) for future development. If I has Android, it would have been easier but I am a iPhone user. So, I needed to purchase TAG Reader/Writer ... I got one today. It cam...
Dog Stickers
We have wonderful designer who can create pet image from the picture.
Opinion Stand Beta Testing
If you would like to gather shoppers' opinion, consider using PSPinc's new Opinion Stand. We are looking for few beta test site for our new product. Please let me know if you are interested in testing...
Eating Healthy
What is healthy eating? Is that what you eat? Or is it how much you eat? I would love to loose 25 pounds ...
Animated Portrait of Your Pet
One of our designers at PSPinc can create a beautiful representation of you dog.
Great Deal at Kiroboto
04-08-2019 You can post your sale at at no cost.
I have to source iPad for an Opinion Stands ... iPad was cheaper at Cost just few weeks ago.