Snow ... Traffic
When people hear snow, people panic. Yesterday almost everything at grocery store was sold out. Why would you buy frozen pizza ... You think you will have power if it gets that bad? Anyway, today traf...
20F = -6.7C
It is a degree warmer than yesterday morning at 6:30am. We are expecting more snow tomorrow. I guess we will be in the deep freeze next week.
19F at 6:30am
It was 19F this morning at 6:30am. No new snow ... that is a good thing. Temperature is above freezing during the day today. That is also good. Bad news is that we are expecting more snow on Friday.
Wow, this is big!!!
I did not know you can put 400GB in single SD card. And it only costs $71.37 (with free shipping). I have to look for device to turn this into external drive.
Protected by Godzilla
While there are currently no known plans in Japan to produce nuclear weapons, it has been argued Japan has the technology, raw materials, and the capital to produce nuclear weapons within one year if ...
Good Job
City has done a god job clearing snow from the major roadways. But for the State that is locate 47.5 degree north, we are not very good at dealing with snow. I guess snow does not happen often enough.
Kiroboto Deals
Special Treat for People Show...
This is a true treat ... Ezell's Chicken. We may've bought too much.
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