13 Coins Bellevue Club Sandwich
I was at one of may favorite restaurants in Seattle area. Instead of breakfast, I ordered the Club.
New Deals ay Kiroboto
05-05-2019 Do you know you can post your sale at Kiroboto for free?
05-04-2019 Have a great weekend.
Wordpress Security Updates
Dear Customers, Keeping your security updated on WordPress is extremely important! Starting on June 20th from 6:30 am - 7:30 am, and continuing every quarter, PSP will implement automatic security upd...
1.1% of Inflated Car Value goes...
Sound Transit Light Rail ... They have a very nice office in the downtown skyscraper and spending money like crazy. All coming from people who own the car ... 1.1% of the MSRP ... nothing to do with h...
It does not look like hospital.
Mayumi finished her knee surgery today. This hospital does not look like a hospital.
This is called ...
It is called Tsukushi and we can eat them ... But Japanese ones are not this big.
First Golf of the Year
I shot 88 ... Wow.
Nice Display
I always wanted to have display like this showing the current projects.
NFC Tag / RFID Tag Writer Re...
Have you ever heard of NFC Tag / RFID Tag ? They are little stocker with circuit allows you to embed web page address, v-Card and other binary information. If you use your smartphone to pay, you are u...