We now have a banner for the the trade show next month.
What is next for an Opinion St...
We are working on few upgrades to the Opinion Stand.
I bought Amazon Fire HD 10
I have been using iPad and I will continue to use iPad but Fire HD 10 seems very attractive alternative to iPad. I will check and let you know what I think when I get it.
Tiny after grooming and shower.
I have been grooming Tiny, Pompom and Nano for last 16 years. It is a joy to take care of those dogs. I miss Pompom a lot.
Even a Government Cares Abou...
Everything now is always evaluated and share on the Internet. One bad experience by one customer can spread like a national news. So, you need to make sure your know what customers are thinking. For t...
You can scan this QR Code.
We have the original Kiosk version which are very popular. But for people who need more information gathering capabilities like; (1) Each server having the unique input (2) Apply evaluation on product...
It takes money and effort to create a branding. Branding is not a "nice design" ... just how many time you can make the logo appear in front of people.
Look What I purchased on eBay
Do you know what this is?
$6.99 Lunch
Do you thing $6.99 sandwich is expensive or cheap? At least it was at QFC (Supermarket) that I did not have to pay any tip.
Original; Design
We are designing a banner for an Opinion Stand. It will be used at the trade show later this year. We started off with the brochure like banner to the image banner.