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What is the most important thing in business? I think there are various answers such as financial resources, ideas, products, marketing, employees, etc. However, I think the most important thing is a network of people. The number of people I know determines how many people trust me and are willing to introduce me to their friends and colleagues. Yes, the key word here is "trust."

This is not just about my job. For example, when someone says that they are looking for a house, or a company that repairs their home's electrical issues, it is nice for them to say “let’s ask Uchikura-san". It's obvious that I know something about building websites and applications - that is my business, but I am happy to be asked about other things too.

Anyone can tell people about themselves. The hard part is listening to the other person. If you can listen, people will trust you. It's my hope that people think I can be of help with anything they want to talk about. I may not have the answer but I am sure my network will.

It is my dream to have network of people I can trust and cal talk anything about ... I am not there yet. I have to work on it.

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Kenichi Uchikura
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