Digital Age Marketing?

In order for the sale to take place online, you need to bring people to your website. In order to bring people to your website, you need to let people know what you are and what you do.

Here are some of the tools you can use:
Advertisement: It is the easiest way to push your name out.
Newsletters: One of the better ways but can be considered SPAM.
Social Media: It takes time to create an audience.
SEO: There is no guarantee of any return.
Press Releases: It is like an advertisement but only better.

Marketing consultants tell you, if you prep your website for SEO and strategize Social Media, you will increase your exposure thus bring in more sales. Unfortunately, making your website SEO friendly will not increase the visitors to your website. Having informative materials on your social media will not increase the visitors to your website either, at least not quickly. Lastly, having more visitors to your website will not increase your sales.

You need to make sure your site is designed and built for people to visit then you need to create reasons for them to comeback. Look at your website and think why should people visit your website and come back for more? The first visit to your website is best accomplished by advertisement …not SEO.

At PSPinc, we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past for SEO and branding but we received nothing in return. So we started to think what we were doing wrong. Is there anything we can do to control our spending in accordance with our revenue?

We have not found the formula yet but we are now running marketing ourselves and 100% of cash is used in advertisement. We are learning where and how to advertise. How much to spend. Where to place. We will keep you posted on what and how we are doing.



広告: 言うまでもなく人を集めるには最も効果的な方法です。
メルマガ: メールマガ送り作をどのように入手する方が鍵です。
ソーシャルメディア: 多くの人を集めるには費用と時間が必要。
SEO: これがどのようなリターンを持たらすのは不明です。
記者発表: 広告と同じで費用がかかりますが効果的です。

マーケティングコンサルタントは SEO やソーシャルメディアを使って多くに人を集めることで売上が増えると言います。でも実際はホームページをどれだけ SEO 対応しても検索サイトでのランクが高くなってそれが集客につながるというのはウソではないにしても時間がかかります。また、ソーシャルメディアにいくら投稿してもフォロワーはそんなに簡単には増えません。