Uchikura & Co. LLC was created as a consulting arm of Ken Uchikura, Founder & President of Pacific Software publishing, Inc. With over 33 years of experience in running a successful software development company in the US, Ken is a great resource for people staring a new business or adapting to the new digital age. Here are some of the services Ken can provide. If you do not see a service you are looking for, consider a free consultation to speak with Ken directly.

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As a business owner, you sometimes need someone to bounce your idea off of or just to talk to. As your mentor and friend, Ken will listen and give you the feedback you need to help you move forward.

Idea Coaching

If you have an idea for a business, Ken can help you make it a reality. Using a network of people and resources, your idea will be materialized quickly and less expensively.

Online Strategy Assistance

With the backing of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. and its software design and development capabilities, Ken can design and build an application to help your business.

Online Marketing Strategy Implementation

From web development to promoting your business through social media, we can customize the strategy based on your target and budget.

Operations Advisor

Over 33 years of running a business in the US and using Ken’s network of resources, you are always one step away from the advisors you need to run your business.

Business Development

How do you sustain, grow or redirect your business? You need to adapt to the new normal. As well as have someone who has the on-hand knowledge and experience to help you grow your business.